Welcome to my personal Website.

This website contains summary and links to all the works I have been doing. I am a researcher who focuses on the foundations of both physical and human sciences. I am the director and organizer of UNITESERVE organization which is dedicated to economic transformation and stability. For more information please visit the website. As of now my physics research is only second priority to me, human sciences will be the one that I am focusing on now, as applied to corporate and academic world. I will discuss the three main activities below.

The UNITESERVE™ project

I am organizing the UNITESERVE project where my extensive research in physical and human sciences, and knowledge of technology will be put to use for providing transforming industries and creating economic stability. It involves a group of multinational profit and non-profit corporate entities focusing on business and educational services. To get a better understanding of motivating factors and activities of this organization, to collaborate and avail its business development and educational services, please visit its website.

Physical Sciences

My original area of research is fundamental physics. In physics I work on unifying Quantum Theory and General Relativity the two most successful fundamental theories that explain nature. Quantum theory explains the world of atoms and particles. General Relativity works at sizes bigger than the solar system, all the way to cosmic scales. These two theories are fascinating and also very strange, nevertheless are well tested. Unifying these two theories, requires developing a theory that deals with phenomenon at Planck scale(1.616252×10−35 m). But this has been quite unsuccessful because of conceptual incompatibility between these two theories, mathematical challenges, and lack of experimental clues. There are many schools of thought in this area such as string theory, loop quantum gravity, twistor theory, etc. Loop quantum gravity and string theory are the most famous in these. Both loop quantum gravity and string theory have no experimental proof, but are ardently pursued by many. I worked on one of the offshoots of loop quantum gravity, called the spin foam models.

In unifying general relativity and quantum theory, the main problems seem to be incompatibility in conceptual framework of each of these, and incompleteness in each of these. So I have started focusing on addressing these issues. I have recently released a research paper that provides much more general framework for unifying and completing the two conceptual frameworks. A website has been dedicated for this research. You can access it by clicking here: QSTAF.COM. QSTAF stands for Quantum Space Time and Fields.

Human Sciences

In human sciences I work on understanding human relational aspects and economics, etc. The purpose of this research is to understand and promote economic advancement. Recently I have written a three volume book set titled "Emotions, Relationships and Human advancement”, which are to be released soon. To know more about my book, please follow my social media sites for announcement.

Development in physical sciences has helped understand human brain and so human behavior. I also found that even though physical laws are independent of how we feel, but the process of discovering and applying it for economic development is highly influenced by psychological and social factors. Clearly I realized that economics, physical and human sciences are deeply interdependent. So, I eventually ended up researching the foundations of both these areas, and the interconnections between these two. At present and near future my major focus will be on human related sciences for the purpose of transforming and stabilizing economic conditions of the world.

Now, after my research work on brain sciences, from the models layed out in my bookset ‘Emotions, Relationships and Human advancement’, I clearly understand that my own research on quantum gravity, and the work of string theory and loop quantum gravity are actually psycho-social phenomena. I encourage all scientists to read the bookset, as soon as it is published, to improve their research skills so that they can be more objective and productive.