Preparing for the journey

Several days ago, I have connected with various members around the world who are advanced professionals in various fields relating to the project that I have launched.
Thank you for connecting with me. It is my privilege to connect with you.
I have made the announcement Last Monday about the launch of the UNITESERVE project.

Here are the links to them:

There will be many questions now, and I will address them one by one in various posts.

Who am I, what is my history, where I am from and what are my experiences?
What do you mean by most advanced project in human history?
Am I qualified to say that?
Why am I putting my picture in the videos always?
How am I going to do economic management and transformation?
How am I going to use the UNITESERVE PLATFORM?
What are the critical problems in the world that I am referring to?
What am I going to do about it?
What countries that I am focusing on?
How it is relevant to you?
How relevant is this project to the immediate problems?
How am I going to fund it?
How can you support?
What help do I need?
Who are the people to which it is relevant to?
What is the business plan?
What is the short- and long-term plan?
How important is the project?
How urgent it is?

I will be addressing these questions, in future posts one by one, starting next week.
I thank you again for connecting and following me.
Please share my message with those who are relevant to this project.

Thank You.
Suresh K Maran