Preparing for the journey

Several days ago, I have connected with various members around the world who are advanced professionals in various fields relating to the project that I have launched.
Thank you for connecting with me. It is my privilege to connect with you.
I have made the announcement Last Monday about the launch of the UNITESERVE project.

Here are the links to them:

There will be many questions now, and I will address them one by one in various posts.


Suresh Maran: Introduction


Welcome. I am a researcher and entrepreneur, who focuses on the most critical aspects of human advancement. As a researcher I work on developing the most comprehensive understanding of physical nature of world and nature of human beings, that is necessary for our survival and progress. I have developed the most comprehensive and advanced models in this aspect which has been detailed below. As an entrepreneur, I focus on implementing these ideas to promote human advancement. For this I have developed the most comprehensive business and organizational plan. To put together I am working on the most critical aspects of human advancement, and most comprehensive and advanced plan to address the issues that humanity faces individually and globally. Below I have presented the brief ideas on various projects. This website gives you all the activities I have been performing for quite long time and my future plans.