Bias towards positivity: What builds Crisis Situation

when I look at social media, there is constant and extensive sharing of positive messages. Positive messages feel good. There is always more sharing of those. Negative messages, less sharing. We need encouragement to do what we are doing. But positive messages could be dangerous.
Our body creates fear, stress, and pain when we work. Our mind points out our problems with what we are doing. These things tell you something is wrong: either physically, emotionally, or financially. We need to pay attention to it and try to solve it. But we can easily drown this message by flood of positive messages, losing sight. We take meditation courses, to ease our insecurity. We pray to God, to remove fears and doubts. We have built a culture of positive messages and ways to drown negative messages.
Our stock markets get into a bubble when people start becoming over enthusiastic. Once an enthusiasm forms for some reason, after critical point positive messages becomes more attractive than negative messages. It feels irritating when negative information is conveyed. Basically, investors start encouraging each other, beyond limit of reason, that a bubble rapidly forms. This is a mass phenomenon. Then once you realize then exactly opposite happens.
The pandemic didn't happen accidentally. There were about 15years of warning. A new virus was popping every year: Sars, Dengue, Chicken Gunnia, Swine flu, Ebola, Zika, Mers, etc. With economic liberalization in Asia, people were travelling all over the world, carrying viruses from all over the world to different areas. This means the world should have prepared to tackle this long time ago. There was warning from Bill Gates @billgates and @georgebush long time ago. The sars-covid1 came fifteen years ago. Our resistance to negative messages and preference to positive messages drowned out these messages.
So, the entire world could be on a wrong course, we may not know it. Because of mutual constant validation, we could be living in a bubble of various forms.
The negative and positive information are friends of each other. They are like accelerators and break. When we are driving a car, we keep observing far ahead, to avoid anything bad happening to us. We are always aware what would happen if we made a mistake. This keeps us alive. But in real life we don't do it.
Currently, we are allowing bubbles to form periodically, and they resolved only by crisis of some form to help us change course. But there is no guarantee that every time a new crisis forms, we can recover out of it. This is not acceptable.
My next few posts will have negative messages to inform many of the problems we are ignoring for a long time. These are critical information that world needs to share to the rest of the world. These are serious matters! Avoiding them could result in future crisis, that we may not recover out from it. Good thing is already out worked the solution for these.
The main purpose of UNITESERVE project is to develop a feedback system to engage, companies and organization about formation of bubbles in political, social, and economic activity. This is much broader agenda that what we have now the world. For this to happen to entire UNITESERVE platform must be engaged and theoretical needs to be learned. I will present a talk in about two weeks how to accomplish it.