UNITESERVE: Timeline of action

Here are the steps and approximate timeline which I am going to proceed with this project.
1) Introducing the founder @sureshmaran: 1week
This is important because people need to understand who I am (@sureshmaran) as a human being and as a scientist.
2) Dumping the theory: 1-2month
I have been theorizing the phenomena of global phenomena over the course 15years full time. I have introduced the platform already. I have to explain how it will be used to accomplish its purpose as stated in the video in which I announced.
3) Addressing the issues:1-2month
I will give deeper, neutral, and objective understanding of the various issues in the world: Example: #Pandemic, #China, #Vaccine, #Money, #Inflation, #Education, #Extremism, #Poverty, #Politics, #Donaldtrump, etc.
4)Drown the noise: 1month to 3month
I need to take to the front-line stage in media to drown the noise: the subjective and toxic information circulating around the world, about nations, and groups, issues, in media.
5)Engage the UNITESERVE PROJECT: 1 – 7 years
Appoint management. Help governments and organizations to lead the world into rapid and controlled development to bring economic equality and opportunity, fully utilize science and tech, balance Relational (RQ) and Technological (TQ).
6) Transforming Humanity: 1-20 years.
It will take one full generation. To fully achieve a reasonable amount of transformation that the UNITESERVE PROJECT aims to make the world relationally intelligent, stable, and crisis, war, extremism and poverty proof.
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