Brief History of UNITESERVE PROJECT Motivations

I registered when I was New Orleans, probably before hurricane Katrina happened. At that time, I thought it was a good domain to register. It meant something very important UNITE+SERVE. People often read it as unit serve.  Sounds like name for people uniting to serve something. But its real purpose developed after 2005, when I came back to India, after finishing my PhD in USA taken a break to do evaluate what I am going to do next.

 During my PhD program at university of Pittsburgh, I was training myself in looking for theory of everything and uniting the fundamental theories in physics. I was practically learning every math ever invented, and every concept and every theory existed in physics. My focus was everywhere, but on Earthly affairs: big bang era, black holes, the universe, Planck scale level physics. But events that happened around 2005, five years before and after brought me down to Earthly affairs: September terrorist attack, Iraq war, 2000 dotcom bubble, 2008 financial crisis, Afghanistan war, brought me down to Earth. During my PhD I was reading European history, world war I and II, holocaust, these were bothering at subconscious level, etc. CNN was playing in front of me always, to give company, things I saw were constantly bothering me. But around 2005 when I took a break to reevaluate my life, all these came to my conscious mind. Before coming to US, I was worried about poverty in India, and faced many relationships related issues. I was doing certain things to understand it, which also came to my mind. This was a different life and story for a different post.

It was clear to me Humanity needs my talent and skills, in tackling social political and economic issues otherwise whatever fundamental break I am making in physics may one used for annihilating human race. Before 2005 my plan was to settle in US, get a job, a citizenship, find love and marry and have children, live a quiet life, and make amazing breakthroughs. But I had no other choice but to change my career and life when I was 33-year-old, when I was supposed to settle and have job and family. Otherwise, in that supposed life that I wished, I fore saw, my children, neighbors, fellow citizens, getting drafted to some future war, death, and tragedy. And I know all my talents and gifts, I can make progress in social sciences that includes economics, politics, and international affairs, and make world a better place. And, If I don’t make the change in life, I would be betraying the very country I would become citizen of.

After 2005, I stayed in India at home, and thanks to google, I started sucking the internet out for information: political history, economics, stock markets, immigration, world history, evolution, all to build models, and understand worldly affairs. The plan was to write a book, and put it use tackle global problems by creating a new Organization: This is the birth of UNITESERVE PROJECT. It was happening growing 15 years in my head. The fifteen years went so fast, because I was trying to go back to that life I dreamed of, and I know every day my work delays, something bad is happening in the future, suffering and death: 15years went like 15days, I feel like I just came to India couple weeks ago.

UNITESERVE is for tackling global problems, to ensure the survival, safety and security of humanity, and its further evolution. I have not given up researching advancing fundamental physics, I have been also busy doing it. The next breath breakthrough in fundamental physics will be so powerful, that unless mankind evolves on all psychological, social, political, and economic aspects, further advancement will put the species at the risk of extinction. UNITESERVE project is to prepare the world, so that they can safely enjoy the whatever science already exists, and so that it is safe for the next fundamental breakthrough in physics, to evolve from earthly to universal species….

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