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Bias towards positivity: What builds Crisis Situation

when I look at social media, there is constant and extensive sharing of positive messages. Positive messages feel good. There is always more sharing of those. Negative messages, less sharing. We need encouragement to do what we are doing. But positive messages could be dangerous.

UNITESERVE: Timeline of action

Here are the steps and approximate timeline which I am going to proceed with this project.
1) Introducing the founder @sureshmaran: 1week
This is important because people need to understand who I am (@sureshmaran) as a human being and as a scientist.
2) Dumping the theory: 1-2month
I have been theorizing the phenomena of global phenomena over the course 15years full time. I have introduced the platform already. I have to explain how it will be used to accomplish its purpose as stated in the video in which I announced.

Brief History of UNITESERVE PROJECT Motivations

I registered when I was New Orleans, probably before hurricane Katrina happened. At that time, I thought it was a good domain to register. It meant something very important UNITE+SERVE. People often read it as unit serve.  Sounds like name for people uniting to serve something. But its real purpose developed after 2005, when I came back to India, after finishing my PhD in USA taken a break to do evaluate what I am going to do next.